Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not so jovial!

My goodness I seem to have a lot going on at the moment (thankfully nothing in comparison to someone going through a cancer journey) and my head is full to the brim.

So what is going on in Sarah's world at the moment?

OK, so we have the bike ride.....How are we ever going to manage 200km? Are we going to get to our target of $5000 without stealing? Press releases, photo shoots, bike maintenance, diet and the list goes on.

Then we have the new house.....brokers, home loans, moving vans, settlement agents, changing utilities, white ant inspection and packing to mention just a few.....OMG we have to pack up all our crap.

Job interviews....yes I had 2 in the space of a week - all consuming at the best of times. I have discovered the wonderful world of buying and selling on Gumtree but I feel this might have added undue pressure on my already overflowing head. I spent 5 minutes telling a woman all about our car we were selling before she explained she was here for the boxes d'oh!

Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment....I know what, I'll start a course the week before Christmas and give myself a little more to think about!

And finally the horrible bouts of homesickness I get around important dates....Christmas, Lily's birthday, Abi's amazing London Marathon attempt (for those of you who don't know about my fabulous Sister in Law, she is hoping to fulfil a lifelong dream to run in the London Marathon and with only 3 months training. Abi you are a true inspiration and I am with you ever step of the way)

So training for the bike ride seems to have fallen to the bottom of the pile but that all ends today. I will go for a bike ride tonight and tomorrow night and Wednesday (you get the picture). Surely over time it can only get easier and time spent on the bike is time for me - not for gas bills, or mortgage brokers or packing boxes, or 'what are we going to have for dinner' - time for me and I am going to enjoy every single minute.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

5.5km down, only 194.5km to go!

First ride, photo call and QR codes = busy week for the Fat Bottom Girls!

I decided to put some of my (years of) fundraising experience into practice last week and wrote the first Fat Bottom Girls press release. To my utter amasement and joy within second of hitting send I received 2 calls from local rags and had booked our first photo call - our bottoms were to be forever immortalised in print.

Watching the photographer squirm as he tried to explain that he wanted a picture of our posteriors for the piece was comedy gold and made an otherwise embarrassing experience thoroughly enjoyable but then again who doesn't like to be centre of attention from time to time?

When the photo goes to print I will scan and add to the blog for your amusement!

This also means that there is no going back. Both papers want to do a follow up piece in 3 months and photograph how much weight we have lost. So no more excuses and 200km of sweat and tears here we come.

The photo call was followed by our first ride - go us! Clad in lycra and with our Ride to Conquer Cancer t-shirts we looked quite the part.....then we got on the bike and that was the end of that delusion! We are officially CRAP, yes, that's right CRAP! We rode 5.5km in total but didn't manage that in one go. We cheered ourselves though up when we realised we only need to ride up and down our road 200 times and that's 200km - doesn't sound as bad like that!

I woke up this morning and am walking like I have a rather large object stuffed up my backside (not aided by 4 hours of hardcore gardening on Saturday) but I will get on my bike again tonight and every night for the next 4 weeks to see if I improve at all.

And for those of your who are technologically minded I created my own QR code today:
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Monday, January 2, 2012

And so it starts!

OK, so I am reliably informed by JJLB (my partner in crime) that there are 291 sleeps until we will be donning the lycra, greasing up our butts and riding 200km to raise money for cancer research.

Yes, in our infinite wisdom and over a rather fattening Chinese last year we decided that 2012 was going to be our year to get fit, healthy and do something together that didn't involve food and booze, so we signed up to the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

So how is the training going I hear you shout..........well I am pleased to report that 2 months after signing up we have done sweet F.A. Yep, that's right, we are yet to get off our ever increasing backsides and get on the bike. We did make it to the garage the other but then I couldn't find my oh so carefully hidden bike lock key so that was the end of that.

It has been a pretty manic time for us recently with getting engaged, buying a house and a big job interview looming but time is ticking away so I am determined we are going to get moving this week starting with a good old walk tonight and living only 800m from one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world we are mad to not do it more often.

Besides the whole fitness blah blah blah thing there is the other reason we are taking up the challenge to ride 200km (about 199km more than we have ridden in 10 years) and raise $5000 (3000 gbp)and that is that cancer has become far to prevalent in our lives.

A few years ago I was able to boast that other than losing my Grandad to cancer many moons ago I hadn't lost anyone close to me to cancer, well that changed in 2009 when we had to rush over to Australia 3 weeks earlier than planned as Jen's Dad was dying. 2 weeks sat by his bedside until he passed away on 23 October 2009 (coincidentally my 30th birthday) and boy did that make me grow up - watching some slip away kinda does that to you.

7 months later in June 2010 Mum told me Uncle Richard wasn't very well and they suspected it to be stomach cancer. Don't worry I said, he'll be fine. He died on 28 July 2010 leaving 2 young kids.

At the end of 2010 another friend had been given months to live and the prospect of leaving behind a one year old. Thank the lord for a surgeon in Brisbane who saved his life.

Then a quick check in on Facebook with an old friend at the start of 2011 revealed that she had recently been diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer, she was only 27 at the time. I have followed her journey online and to say it has been difficult for her is a gross understatement. But I am pleased to report she is on the mend and I look forward to taking her out for the meal I promised her.

Now, that's the story of just 4 people in our lives who have heard the crushing words "you have cancer" but to me that is 4 people too many.........this ride is so much more than Jen and I shifting a few kgs, it's a lifesaver!

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