Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not so jovial!

My goodness I seem to have a lot going on at the moment (thankfully nothing in comparison to someone going through a cancer journey) and my head is full to the brim.

So what is going on in Sarah's world at the moment?

OK, so we have the bike ride.....How are we ever going to manage 200km? Are we going to get to our target of $5000 without stealing? Press releases, photo shoots, bike maintenance, diet and the list goes on.

Then we have the new house.....brokers, home loans, moving vans, settlement agents, changing utilities, white ant inspection and packing to mention just a few.....OMG we have to pack up all our crap.

Job interviews....yes I had 2 in the space of a week - all consuming at the best of times. I have discovered the wonderful world of buying and selling on Gumtree but I feel this might have added undue pressure on my already overflowing head. I spent 5 minutes telling a woman all about our car we were selling before she explained she was here for the boxes d'oh!

Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment....I know what, I'll start a course the week before Christmas and give myself a little more to think about!

And finally the horrible bouts of homesickness I get around important dates....Christmas, Lily's birthday, Abi's amazing London Marathon attempt (for those of you who don't know about my fabulous Sister in Law, she is hoping to fulfil a lifelong dream to run in the London Marathon and with only 3 months training. Abi you are a true inspiration and I am with you ever step of the way)

So training for the bike ride seems to have fallen to the bottom of the pile but that all ends today. I will go for a bike ride tonight and tomorrow night and Wednesday (you get the picture). Surely over time it can only get easier and time spent on the bike is time for me - not for gas bills, or mortgage brokers or packing boxes, or 'what are we going to have for dinner' - time for me and I am going to enjoy every single minute.

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